• Horticulture full PE coating Zigzag Wiggle Wire
  • Horticulture full PE coating Zigzag Wiggle Wire
  • Horticulture full PE coating Zigzag Wiggle Wire
  • Horticulture full PE coating Zigzag Wiggle Wire
Horticulture full PE coating Zigzag Wiggle Wire
  • 30-45 days
  • 100000 pcs/mths

Brief Description:
*Army Green with 2 blue strips
*Special durable 72B steel wire
*Premium Engineering plastic power
*Thicker and Rounded Ends PE coating
*User friendly,care for the operator
*6 Years Quality-assured


ModelRaw materialSpec. (Before coating)Spec. (After coating)Length (Laying)Length (inserted in channel)Shell ColorTreatmentGuarntee
G1-20H72B Steel wireφ2.0mmφ2.6mm1.95m2.2m                Army Green with 2 blue stripsFull coated6 years


Product Details

What is Wiggle Wire?

Wiggle Wire, commonly known as Spring Lock or Zigzag, is an economical and easy way to install greenhouse coverings, including polyethylene film, insect nets and shading screen, to a greenhouse structure. Wiggle Wire is widely used in conjunction with wiggle wire channel (or Lock channel) to form a tight and secure attachment of your greenhouse coverings.

The Advantages of GOODLOCK Wiggle Wire


*GOODLOCK Wiggle Wire is coated by UV resin, can be used more than 5 years repeatedly.

wiggle wire


* The cost of wiggle wire takes 1% of all greenhouse construction cost, but ensures 100% safety of greenhouse film.

* In recent years, 2-5 year's guarantee film is widely used, which is easily broken. To make some improvements, GOODLOCK Wiggle Wire, coated by imported engineering plastic powder with UV stabilization, can do better performance to fix film.

* Common wiggle wire's ends are too sharp and easily breaking film while GOODLOCK Wiggle Wire's ends are thicker and rounded, ensuring easy film installation and not destroy film.

zigzag wire

Why most buyers choose GOODLOCK Wiggle Wire ?

* Factory direct sales, we are the manufacturer!

* Large stock, Fast delivery!

* Over 10 years' experience, top quality with competitive price!

* The technical consulting service and operation guidance would be provided!

* Customization is also available in high demand!

* 6-8 years guarantee, best after-sale service!

* High efficiency! Laborsaving! Fast!

Selling point

* PE coated wiggle wire, which is nontoxic and care for the film and operator.

* 1.9m of PE coated steel, thickness over 0.083".

* Matching with locking channel (separately sold).

* Applicable for all kinds of film greenhouse.

* To fix the poly film or shade screen to the locking channels with minimal effort.

* Special 72B spring steel wire for durability.


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How to use

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