Quality Control of Wiggle Wire

IMG_6375.JPG(Anti-tensile strength machine)

IMG_6288.JPG ( Xenon lamp aging test chamber)

IMG_6285.JPG (Salt& fog test equipment)

  1. Inspection of the steel

    Wire Diameter: 2.3MM

    Diameter after coating:2.85MM

    Tensile Strength>1800N/c㎡

  2. Inspection of the Plastic Powder

  3. Inspection of the product Dimension

    Length:1955mm Height:36mm

  4. Inspection of End product Dimension

    Length:1955mm Height:36mm

  5. Inspection of Elasticity

    Take 275mm as example,only 15mm length difference in 20kg samples

  6. Inspection of Appearance

     No scratch,no deformation

  7. Inspection of glancing flatness and torsion resistance

    Glancing flatness<20mm

    Torsion resistance<30mm

  8. Inspection of End products to be put in storage

     Comprehensive evaluation of Length,Height,Weight,Diameter.

    Appearance and package.

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