Intelligent technology makes great efforts to produce high quality cucumber in Suzhou "intelligent greenhouse"


The seedlings were raised on March 8, planted on March 20, and harvested in the middle of April In the glass greenhouse of shuizhitian agricultural garden in nijiawan, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, workers have been busy picking newly grown fruits and cucumbers. These kinds of fruit cucumbers in glass greenhouses were put on the market more than a month earlier than ordinary ones.


The mystery lies in the newly built glass greenhouse in the agricultural park. Since 2017, the agricultural park has opened up an open space and invested more than 10 million yuan to build a glass greenhouse of more than 7100 square meters. The greenhouse uses glass as daylighting material, and its skeleton is composed of hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion steel components. The priva operating system of the world's leading greenhouse management automation company is used to realize the automatic control of sun shading, cooling, heating, ventilation, irrigation and other supporting equipment.


Different from ordinary greenhouses, walking into this glass greenhouse, the light is transparent and bright, the temperature and humidity are appropriate, and the crop growth is regular and orderly, just like a "plant landscape room". From the automatic opening and closing ceiling of the greenhouse, to the fan system and curtain system on both sides of the wall, to the sensor devices and traps distributed in the space, as well as the steam heating pipes and picking vehicles passing through the ground The greenhouse is full of "sense of science and technology", providing 24-hour "intimate" care for crop growth.

At 8:00 a.m., Jiang Rongrong, a technician from the agricultural park, changed her clothes and entered the glass greenhouse to check the growth of crops. Turn over the rock wool, cucumber root system clearly visible, robust and clean. Jiang Rongrong introduced that "greenhouse crops adopt soilless cultivation, the plants are fixed by imported rock wool, and the nutrient solution is irrigated with drop arrows, which can reduce the soil conditions, provide accurate water and nutrition for crops, reduce the incidence of diseases and insect pests, and reduce the use of pesticides."


"Temperature is as important as humidity in growing crops. Cucumbers like a warm environment, so we control the temperature by steam heating. " Pointing to the pipes at the bottom of the greenhouse and above the plants, Jiang Rongrong said, "the temperature difference in spring is large, so it is necessary to keep the indoor temperature from 15 ℃ to 18 ℃ at night. By setting the temperature through the system, the water temperature in the pipeline will be adjusted accordingly to keep the greenhouse at a suitable temperature. In addition, when the daytime temperature is higher than 25 ℃, the skylight and natural ventilation equipment will open automatically, and the wet curtain fan will cooperate to achieve cooling.



Priva operating system is the "nerve center" to control various equipments in greenhouse. Every day, Jiang Rongrong operates the system according to the weather conditions and changes the default conditions. After collecting the indoor and outdoor environmental data in real time, the system will drive the regulating equipment according to the preset control strategy. "Glass greenhouses equipped with" smart brains "can reduce many unstable factors in the process of planting and help plants grow better." Jiang Rongrong carried out a comparison of cucumber leaves. The cucumber leaves in the greenhouse are larger than ordinary leaves, and the leaves are green and healthy, without diseases and pests.


It is understood that the highest cucumber plant can grow to about 10 meters in the greenhouse by artificially beating the lateral branches and winding vines. The monthly yield of 1600 square meters of fruit cucumber is expected to reach 20000 Jin, and the average daily output is about 600 Jin. In addition, because of the good quality, cucumber just began to pick, attracted many people to come to order.

At present, the glass greenhouse is divided into four areas. Besides cucumber, melon and watermelon are planted in another planting area, which will mature next month. In addition, tomato and other crops will be planted in the spare planting areas. "The success of the first crop has given us a lot of confidence." Fu Jingfang, deputy general manager of the agricultural park, said that with the gradual maturity of technology, the agricultural park will also try to use natural enemy insects for biological control, robot picking and other scientific planting methods in glass greenhouse to help achieve high, stable and high-quality crops.

Yangzi Evening News / Yang Yan reporter Xue Mayi, correspondent Pang Shujie

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