Suspension gutter system hook for Huawo Intelligent Agricultural Industrial Park

Overview of the company's projects under construction:


Located in Shangdong, the planned area is 1 million The first phase covers 400,000 , the first phase investment is $80 million , and the construction area of greenhouse is 200,000, including 135,200 of glass greenhouse, 67,000 of new assembled solar greenhouse, and 14300 of supporting facilities. 


The international leading AI and Internet of things, 5G mobile Internet, cloud computing and other information technologies are combined with traditional agricultural production, enabling the green and intelligent development of agriculture, building an agricultural intelligent information service system from production to sales, from farmland to dining table, and create a scalable and replicable agricultural production standardization, scale and modernization mode.


Goodlock offered 200,000 pcs of suspension hooks for the gutter systems for this project and won good feedback from the customer. And more and more cooperation continues between us  in futures.


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